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Classical Musician Interview #2: Victoria Cua

Classical Musician Interview #2: Victoria Cua

Victoria Cua the pianist 


1)   How long have you played?

A: 15 years

2)   How did you start playing your instrument?

A: I started after playing the violin at age 3 because I did not enjoy playing the violin, I went on to piano instead.

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3)   What motivates you to wake up in the morning and start playing your instrument?

A: I see the piano as my daily therapy when life gets overwhelming, even though I have so much to practice I tell myself one day I will get to perform it on stage to show everyone how much I have accomplished. As well as knowing the fact that I will be learning new pieces that I really enjoy hearing.

4)   Describe your fondest musical memory.

A: When I was a sophomore high school student with heavy school workload, I only had about 6 months to prepare for the Royal Schools of Music Exam for Grade 8, I passed it with a merit, and in general people take about one year to prepare for the exam.

5)   What was your worst mistake and how did you overcome it?

A: The worst mistake I have done was when I had a Chopin Nocturne competition, I blanked out on stage and forgot my memorized piece, even though I played it perfectly when I practiced. I have overcome it by walking off the stage as it never happened, and I learned to become a better performer.



6)   How do you balance music with other obligations?

A: I keep an agenda with all my regular schedule written down, and every day I write down on sticky notes (to do list), then I can assure that I have completed all my tasks.

7)   Were you always going to be a musician? If not, what were you going to be?

A: When I was a bit younger, I wanted to become a fashion designer, then lawyer, then a doctor. However, I am going to combine the medical field with music to become a music therapist as my future career.

8)   What or who triggered your passion to become a classical musician?

A: When I first moved to America when I was ten, it felt very unusual when I had no piano to practice with for a while. Eventually when I got my piano, I couldn’t stop playing every day ever since.

9)   In what way do you think classical music has influenced you?

A: Classical music has influenced me in many aspects, especially thinking about my own life at the end of the day (rewinds my day, remind myself of who I am) Also whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed out I just go onto the radio tune into classical music to gather my thoughts together.

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10)   Have you ever considered stop playing and start something different?

A: No, I really enjoy playing piano.

11)    What is your musical guilty pleasure?

A: Besides playing classical music, I listen to rap or hip hop genre in my free time.

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