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Charlie's Fashion Photoshoot: A Girl on the Shore

Charlie's Fashion Photoshoot: A Girl on the Shore


Back in May, I got a Direct Message on Instagram from a new model, Gwen Hollingsworth. I rarely get messages asking for a test shoot but I am always willing to work with new faces for experimentation. I always think that I should promote myself but still don't know who to email and contact... For this photo shoot, I was focusing more on story-telling in the photoshoot rather than worrying about the specific poses. When I look at my work, I feel like they begin look like  E-Commerce photographs. So from now on, you will see more locations in my photography.

Here is the final result from the photoshoot. 

From the Shoot

I photographed at the Leo Carrillo State Park because I knew it has a nice shore in the Malibu area with nice rocks lay on and for use as a textured background. 


In this shoot, I put minimal equipment and production into the shoot because I wanted to focus solely on the story-telling. However, I was feel like I had expected too much from a starting model. She still has needs experience with her posing and learning how to improvise with what is given to her. Modeling is not easy but if the model is not on the same page as you are, photoshoots can also struggle. I admit I also need more experience directing and improvising as well, so we are both doing it for an experience. 



  1. Nikon D810
  2. Nikon D7000


  1. Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8
  2. Sigma 18-35mm 1.8

Contact Sheets

Final Thoughts

As for my final thought, I should have planned out more specific details for the story like a movie storyline so that I know what to get and do for the photoshoot. Even if it is just simple as noting "laying on the shore with the wave coming up her feet." I should have more of a shot list rather than have the reference images.

Working with a test shoot with a new model is usually a hit-or-miss because you don't know what you will get. However, it is always good to be shooting and trying new photoshoots to push yourself and the model. I had a good experience and learned a lot from my shoot. 

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