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My Feelings 

I will start with how I am feeling right now. So... I graduated...  I don't know where to begin...  but I guess I can start with my last term at Art Center College of Design. It just hit me, as I am writing this, that I am done with my college experience. There are so many things I wish I could've done or didn't do, but I am now a graduate and need to start applying my learning in the real world.

Last 14 weeks, there have been many moments that I felt sad, happy, angry, confused, lost, and confident. In the beginning, I was lost what I want to do for my graduation. I had an idea helped by my friend but I was uncertain if I should strive for it. In the end, I did go with the idea. It was a challenge because I am a product and fashion photographer.  How do I make two elements look cohesive and unified? I just started and let the art happen as I go through the progress. 

The Concept

I love classical music and have a personal connection through 10 years of playing the violin. Also, I did a project photographing and interviewing classical musician to inform the readers that classical music is not a dying art but an evolving one and why these musicians are striving to become a classical musician even though it is not an easy path.

Other than the personal connection and the on-going project, classical music helps me find peace within myself. When I am under a lot of stress or anger, I listen to classical music to calm me down.  To me, classical music is a safe haven I reside when photography becomes too much. As much as I love photography and have a passion for it, I get a creative block and need a break from it. That is when classical music comes in. 


I listed out all the instruments I could photograph and started planning what I could do with it. How I could arrange each one. What kind of lighting will set the mood. What kind of story do I make with the instruments and the objects together. Which angle and lens I will use. I researched and thought through how I was going to shoot each product. 

I finished both product and fashion shoot by week 11. 

Grad Wall

Wall Arrangement

After all the images were edited and ready to go, I worked on my image layout. How I should arrange the photos so the wall look coherent and make fashion and product blend well together. This is the final result I decided on: 

Wall Idea.jpg

The reason why I chose this layout is both field do not compete each another. The fashion and the product images are evenly divided. I chose these following images because the color palate of gold, red, and white matched the richness of classical music. 


These are the following image sizes: (2) 35" x 49", 11"x16", 20"x28, 21"x15", 15"x21", 11"x14", 23"x35". 

I printed on Epson Luster roll paper. 


Two big photos, I sent it to Flashpoint Graphix in Burbank and rest of the small images, I did it on my own. 

Note: Don't use foam board. If you do, use it with care and don't put too much pressure on it because it will leave an indent. 

I taped all the images placement with the blue tape on the wall. 

I taped all the images placement with the blue tape on the wall. 


On the back of the images, I have placed a 1/2" frame to let the image float on the wall. and put one nail on the top and support the frame to the wall with an exhibition putty.  

I taped on the wall with the size of the images and placement where they were supposed to go. 



Final Look on the wall

Friends who came to my graduation

What's next? 

I do have a freelance job right now but I want more and do more creative work with designers, magazine, product shoots, etc. I wanna keep creating and get paid while doing what I love. 

Behind the Scene: Classical Musician Fashion Shoot

Behind the Scene: Classical Musician Fashion Shoot

Entity Mag Influencer Photoshoot

Entity Mag Influencer Photoshoot